Hoʻi Mai Iho Nō

The Journey Inward

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Are you ready to go on this journey of self-discovery

I believe you are ready because that's why you are here. The World is constantly changing and there's no time like the present moment to level up and prepare yourself for the changes ahead. This program is created so that you can empower yourself and sit in the driver's seat of your life. 

  • Learn how to take your power back, and how to strengthen and nurture your relationship with your SELF.
  • Develop discernment to catch the subtle differences between thoughts emerging from your ego mind vs. guidance being whispered to you from your ever-so-soft Spiritual Voice, yes, your Spiritual Voice.
  • Reconnect to your Divine Soul Self, the part of you that knows your greatness, and wants to lovingly guide you toward a life of unlimited possibilities and golden opportunities waiting for you.
  • ...and so much more!

This eight week, eight module course is designed for you to go at your own pace. You'll have unlimited access to review the modules as often as you wish.

My greatest desire is for you to experience your divine connection to the Universe, and for you to know how magnificent you truly you are!

Me Ke Aloha Pau ʻOle (never ending Aloha), 

Take The Journey Inward Today

This program is for you if you are...

• Ready to release old patterns through forgiveness

• At a crossroad experiencing big changes in your life   

• Ready to cleanse and heal your body and your mind

• Feeling stuck and needing some direction and guidance

• Ready to heighten your intuitive abilities

• Interested in meeting your Higher Self

• Ready to receive messages from your guides

Arna Lāhela Johnson

Kahu Lāhela is a Hawaiian spiritual healing guide who accompanies people in taking the inward journey. She helps them to develop their relationship with their true self so they can live a life of empowerment, tap into their greatness as a sovereign sentient being, and learn to not give their power away to fear. Instead, she equips them with tools to better navigate challenging times ahead with clarity and resilience.

Kahu Lāhela integrates the wisdom of her guides with the Hawaiian healing practices of Hana I Ka Pono and Lomilomi, and the knowledge she has gained through her years of work with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Language of Light Therapy, Feng Shui, Reiki, and other energy healing modalities.

Words of Aloha


Before working with Kahu Lāhela, I felt disconnected, overwhelmed, and depressed.  She taught me to cleanse and heal my body through Ho’oponopono. Doing forgiveness work has brought me a deeper spiritual connection to Source. I now see my triggers as blessings, and this shift in perspective has empowered me to welcome life challenges with grace and self-love.


Kahu Lāhela is the beautiful calm that provides a safe sacred space and conduit to connect with my Higher self.  In doing this work, I’ve made some significant changes in my life. As a wife and a mom of four, I realized the importance of putting myself first and taking better care of myself. This has helped me to find and use my unique voice, speak my truth, and be more present with myself and my family. I’ve noticed I am more open, more in my heart space, and more willing to take responsibility and be solution oriented. Forgiving myself and being forgiving toward my husband has helped us develop more trust and understanding in our relationship. This process allowed me to intuitively hear my Higher Self and messages that serve my highest good whereby opening the way for grace to enter. Truly grateful!

Brenda R. 

I was stuck in generational patterns of victimhood and deep resentment. I thought life just happened to me and I was one of the unlucky ones. I knew in my core that my soul was clamoring for deep healing, however, I didn't know how to free myself from the pain I was holding in my mind, body and soul.  

Through Kahu Lāhela's teachings, I've been able to cut the deeply rooted cords of resentment and victimization, which then began the process of releasing and healing.  

Since doing this powerful work, my soul feels light and at peace, my body feels free of resentment, and my mind now looks for love and compassion as the answer to everything.

Journey Inward Today!