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I am a Hawaiian spiritual guide who assists people in developing a stronger connection with their higher self, their Divine Soul Self, so that they may be empowered to stand in their truth, take 100% responsibility, live inspired lives, not give their power away to fear and to external forces, own their sovereignty as an independent sentient being, and navigate through these challenging times moment by moment with clarity and resilience.


Releasing Unwanted Toxins

I experienced the power of the Hoʻoponopono prayer practice when Kahu Lāhela taught it to us in a group. My entire body tingled with the release of unwanted toxins, purifying me with the sweetness of divine love. Lāhela is a masterful storyteller, gentle healer, and guide whose loving presence reminds us of our divinity.”

~ Uma Girish, Grief Guide & Award-Winning Author


 Loving Support

"Kahu Lahela Johnson's loving supportive approach enables all of her clients to see and experience their true potential. She is a deeply spiritual being, truly living what she teaches."

~ Kathleen Fortuna Cooley, The Kitchen Goddess


Hana I Ka Pono

Hana I Ka Pono is a transformational experience. During my daily practice Pono and Aloha came alive for me—I aligned and resonated with the light life force of these potent sacred words. The practice clears and cleanses the past, making room for the now and future I want to live —to be of service in raising the vibration for the highest good for all. To my great surprise, it opened the door to many downloads along with ancestors and angels showing up to be of assistance on my journey. Mahalo”

~ Diane P.

Aloha and Welcome!


A Modern-Day Mystic

“Kahu Lahela is a modern day mystic, bringing ancient wisdom to these interesting modern times. With her gentle, nurturing energy and powerful intuitive gifts, she will envelope you in a warm, nonjudgmental hug of aloha and inspire you to rethink the way you navigate your life. She will remind you of your true power within and help you to find peace even in the noise and chaos of our modern world. Just the blessing of spending time in her energy will soothe your soul. Reach out. She is here for a reason.”

~ Kimi M


Karmic Cleansing

I believe my personal [Hoʻoponopono] prayer somehow created a clearing/space for a couple of miracles. My sentiment towards my mother is neutral. No anger or resentment. No grieving or regrets. The mis-emotion has been cancelled out of a long difficult hurtful relationship. My relationship with my brother spontaneously mended. It feels like karma is complete. 



Miracles Unfolding

Best spiritual Guide and companion one can wish to have for the “Inner Journey“. Lāhela is kind and caring and lives Aloha. Little and big miracles happened on my journey and I‘m very grateful for that. Lāhela’s unconditional love and trust in me supported me to trust myself more and to open up more. This was a healing experience for me and brought me to a better space in my life.

~ Christina


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