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Praying At The Speed of Love

with Janet Conner

Episode 5: Kahu Lāhela Johnson and Ho‛oponopono,
the Hawaiian Shamanic prayer of forgiveness

Real Conversation

How does one become a kahu—keeper of the ancient Hawaiian Shamanic ways? Lahela Johnson shares her amazing childhood talking to plants, ocean, mountains, and animal spirits. Even as a young child she sensed she had a kuleana—responsibility. One day, her kumu—teacher—asked her to be initiated as a kahu. Lahela protested, “but I’m not qualified!” Kumu Karen responded with the single most important truth we all need to hear.

Real Person

Kahu Lāhela Johnson is a mystical treasure. She co-created five “The Goddess Forgives” Ho‛oponopono prayer intensives with Janet Conner, bringing the alchemical power of forgiveness to heal hearts across time to hundreds of people around the world. At home on O’ahu, Lāhela conducts traditional blessings and ceremonies to bring more light and love into people’s homes, businesses and lives. Meet Kahu Lāhela Johnson at


Awakened Women Self Care

with Christine Pensa & Emma Kupu Mitchell

Episode 11: Arna Lahela Johnson
"How loss can reconnect you to your soul's calling"

As Kahu, Lāhela assists others in realizing their truth, their light, their purpose, aligning body, mind, and spirit through self awareness retreats, Ho’oponopono and Hawaiian cultural workshops, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions, Lomilomi and Reiki energy healing, and cleansing and healing the body with plant-based organic non-gmo superfood nutrition. Visit Lahela's website for more information


Women Empowered
Stronger Together

with Kiersten McIntire

Episode 13: Arna Lahela Johnson
"Mother Earth"

WEST is Women Empowered Stronger Together, an organization focused on ALL women. Whether you just got out of prison, are a multimillionare CEO of a successful company, or anything in between—WEST lets you tell your story. Sometimes as women we don’t realize we have a voice, until we are given the chance to use it. Please join me on our journey of personal life experiences and lessons learned. As brave and courageous women we can empower one another and stand stronger together.


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